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Explore the full potential of your literary masterpiece with Authors Insight's exclusive book promotion service. Opt for professional marketing services and enjoy up to 80% royalty share. Set your own book price effortlessly and benefit from engaging online press releases. Your book will be featured on the Authors Insight website, providing a suite of services, including professional featuring, lucrative royalty sharing, and striking cover designs. With customizable options like trim sizes, bindings, and print-on-demand, take total control over your book's success. Stay current with a 2024 republishing date and mark a fresh start with a new ISBN. Join Authors Insight to showcase your masterpiece with unparalleled features! 

Effective Features:

👉 Up to 80% Royalty Share

Opt-in for professional marketing services, ensuring you receive up to 80% in royalties.

🌐 Set Your Own Book Price

Manage your online bookstore and set the price your book truly deserves.

📰 Online Press Release

Spread the word to your audience through compelling press releases, boosting your book's popularity.

🔄 Update Republishing Date to 2024

Ensure your book stays current with a refreshed 2024 republishing date.

🆕 Brand New ISBN for a Fresh Start

With a new ISBN, symbolizing a fresh chapter in your literary journey.

Featuring on Authors Insight Website

○ Unlock a suite of services

○ Professional Book Featuring

○ Engaging Online Press Releases

○ Complimentary Book Copies

○ Customizable Trim Sizes and Bindings

○ Vivid Black & White or Full-Color Interiors

○ Unbeatable Lowest Book Retail Price

○ Total Control over Book Pricing

○ Convenient Print-on-Demand Option

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